Medicare Supplement

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare supplement plans are also known as Medigap or Medsups. These policies are designed to cover healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not cover.

Original Medicare covers 80% of your Part B services. This can be your preventive care, outpatient care, ambulance services and more. A Medicare supplement plan will pay the remaining 20% of these services. The policyholder will pay the same premium each month, regardless of how much of the benefits they are using. This predetermined monthly costs appeals to many, allowing you to know exactly what to budget for.

Another highlight of Medicare Supplements is they are generally accepted anywhere in country, making these ideal for travelers. Some like the simplicity of Medigap plans because they don’t have to worry about the annual renewable component, but be aware these plans may have price increases as a beneficiary ages and as claims are made in their particular class and zip code. it is also important to note that Medigap Plans do not cover prescription drug coverage. This will be an additional cost.

Medicare Supplements have been the mainstay for a large percentage of older Medicare beneficiaries. However newer Medicare Advantage plans have improved over the last few years, making them very appealing to those paying high monthly premiums with Medicare Supplement policies.

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