Hobbies for Senior Citizens in Philadelphia

Aging is inevitable, and as we grow older, we get more free time. That’s why seniors should keep their brains engaged after retirement. During this period it’s advisable to fill our hours with hobbies and stay socially active. Seniors can experience boredom and loneliness after retirement; hence the hobbies reduce mental health issues in old age.

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Here Are Top Hobbies for Senior Citizens in Philadelphia


Seniors should stay physically active to reduce the risk of obesity or heart diseases. Sports can combat all these risks easily, and that’s why they are suitable social activities that bring seniors together. During sports events, seniors can meet new friends.

  • Swimming
  • Walking Football
  • Golf

These sports improve senior’s well-being and their mental health because their brain stays active.


Engaging in sports may not be easy; hence seniors can try other convenient fitness exercises. The fitness hobbies are great ways of staying healthy, and they include;

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Nordic Walking
  • Yoga
  • Cycling

Seniors should try Nordic walking because it exercises their bodies and enhances their social life at the same time. These exercises are easy, and they keep the joints flexible. All fitness activities reduce the risk of heart diseases, asthma, and diabetes, among other chronic diseases for seniors. As you engage in fitness activities, ensure that you have gone for checkups to ensure your joints, muscles, and bones are okay.


Seniors find gardening addictive; hence it’s a great hobby to keep them physically active. The satisfaction of watching a plant grow from a seedling is fantastic. Many gardeners like filling their gardens with flowers or vegetables, and it’s an excellent idea. Seniors enjoy many benefits by practicing gardening activities;

  • Gardening reduces stress levels for the elderly
  • It gives them a sense of achievement
  • It gets them out to enjoy the serenity and fresh air
  • It keeps them active and physically fit
  • The garden will provide healthy food for seniors


There are many games for seniors since the invention of technology, and they keep them physically active. Video games are excellent sources of entertainment for the elderly because they meet people virtually and get healthy brain challenges.

These games are great for seniors because they help prevent memory loss. As you age, your chances of getting memory loss increase; hence you should try these games to reduce this risk;

  • Wii Sports
  • Bejeweled
  • Brain Training
  • Puzzle-solving games

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is taking over many generations and seniors can’t be left out. This is an excellent hobby for the elderly because it’s a way of staying in touch with people. Seniors should keep their brains engaged by joining social media platforms

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